This page is a brief rundown of some of the projects I have been developing personally and as part of my full time jobs.

TimeLog Customer Account Management (TCAM) v3 (2016)

A set of .NET applications (clients and servers) to manage the entire management procedure of the handling the 1000+ silos of applications hosted by TimeLog. Each customer has it’s own IIS virtual site and SQL database. TCAM is a job engine that handles patches, creates and tier-down of sites as well as being center of exchanging information between customer and TimeLog.

.NET Library for Siren (2014)

Developed a .NET library for the hypermedia API format Siren created by Kevin Swiber. The GitHub project can be found on SirenSharp.

Generic Financial Integration (2013)

Developed a generic software architecture allowing TimeLog Project to access a streamlined integration interface to different on-premise ERP software solutions. The architecture includes handling transaction, logging and error handling – leaving only simple requests to be implemented differently for each ERP solution. Data exchanged: Customers, contacts, product numbers, invoices, projects and time registrations. ERPs supported: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Visma Administration 1000 & 2000.

Business intelligence dashboard (2012)

Developed a tool for aggregating intelligence from all customer sites at TimeLog to a single internal database. Built a business intelligence dashboard in ASP.NET MVC to allow all employees to follow behavioal changes on each customer as well as tracking support and performance situations.

Contract handling and automated invoice generation (2012)

Completed and extended a half-done contract management system for internal use in TimeLog. Used for live meassuring turnover and automated invoice generation based directly on customer site data.

Bank transaction intelligence tool (2012)

Import transactions from banks and see everything in nice graphs.

Umbraco development (2011)

This very site is created in Umbraco. I do my own tweaking of the themes, data types, xslt and css. I have also made some custom usercontrols for Umbraco websites integrating data services and making them available for end-users.

Shopify integration (2011)

I have worked with two different Shopify shops. This includes customizing design templates in the liquid-language and build custom JavaScript add-ons for customized inputs for products.

Custom importer for Autonomy Explore and IDOL (2010)

For a customer, I have been developing a custom import tools for Autonomy Explore grabbing existing wav-files and attaching the necessary metadata in order to make the data ingested and transcriped. The solution was made in Microsoft .NET. The website output is based on Autonomy IDOL xml-formats and from that present data in a tag-cloud-alike view with trends incorporated. (2009)

A fully custom-build web application in Microsoft .NET for elementary schools in Denmark. I’m still a partner in the company and I have been involved in the complete process of creating the business idea, through design phases, initial test, development and monitization considerations.

SMTP server implementation (2009)

For the product Quasar newsletter service, I did a full implementation of RFC 821 (SMTP protocol) in order to be able to integrate directly with the email headers while maintaining the greatest flexibility. The server is still (2011) running as a service in a virtual environment collecting bounce emails and answering queries from receiving servers about spam level.